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Welcome to the Sugar Packet 
Collector's Page. 

I've been collecting sugar packets since 1978 when I first graduated from college. My first set was the Presidents of the US that you can see by clicking on the icons to the left. I collected for over 17 years on my own, depending on the generosity of friends, friends of friends and various truckers to grow my collection. 

In January of 1996, I put together this page, in hopes of finding other sugar packet collectors and have been pleasantly surprised by the community that I found already in place. If you are interested in Sugar Packets from Great Britain go to Norman Wordsworth and the UK Sucrologists Club . They have their own content laden Web site. If you join, you'll get a quarterly newsletter packed with more info than you even knew existed about sugar, sugar packets and sugar packet collecting. 

 There is also a French Club in existence that collects and catalogs the truly prodigous amount of  cubes and packets that are produced each year in France. 

Would You Like to Collect Sugar Packets?

What do you need to start? Really only some sugar packets. It's really one of the least expensive hobbies around. It's a great activity for younger kids, because the whole family can be involved. Even aunts, uncles and friends from around the world can contribute to this great learning experience.

What other things may be helpful with your collection?

You will need a place to put your packets.  A simple box will do, but all too soon you will have collected so many packets that you won't know if that most recent find is a new packet, or one you've had for months. Most collectors use a simple notebook with clear plastic pages that have pockets in them. These pages are most often used by "sports card" collectors, but they work just fine for our purposes as they will hold one large packet or 2 smaller ones. Here is a hint: If you use a notebook for your packets, start out putting different types of packets on each page (restaurants, artificial sweeteners, packets with scenery, etc) so that you don't feel you have to re-arrange everything later. You may want to empty the sugar packet before you put it into the page. Most collectors do, but some feel the collection is not complete without the sugar. 

How about some friends to trade with? 

You have already got the whole family and every world traveler you know "sneaking" packets off of restaurant tables, but what about places you can't get to? That is where a  Sugar Packet Collectors Club will come in. Try the UK Sucrologists Club . They have a   presence on the web and by clicking on the name you can learn a little more about collecting. The club will mail out a newsletter every three months and include a sampling of  packets you probably don't have yet! 

Clubs and Collectors on the net include:

Due to this community, my collection has grown to over 8,000 packets and wrappers. Others have well over 10,000 pieces, so my goals are well ahead of me. 

We are always looking for new collectors to join us. Whether your collection is 10 years old or 10 days old,...50 packets or 5,000 packets, drop us an email and see what we are all about.
  Sugar Packet Distributors and Manufacturers on the Web:


PLEASE NOTE. I've been over-run with collectors wanting to trade with me. The Sugar packet hobby is BOOMING! Please contact one of the collectors or clubs listed above as your first choices for trading partners. I am no longer able to trade.

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This Web site First Published in January 1996.